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Imparting training on Cellular technology to young engineers to make a career in telecom field. Training Programme is scheduled to begin for students and professionals. .

We provide telecom Manpower Outsourcing for projects within India & abroad.

Doing turnkey projects for Network Planning & Optimisation activities for Operators/Vendors.

Installation,Commissioning & Integration of:Radio network element, Transmission network element.

Welcome to NEMHANS Solutions pvt. Ltd 

NEMHANS Solutions pvt. Ltd is an organization committed towards providing entire spectrum of services for wireless industry like  RF Planning, RF Survey, Microwave Planning, LOS  survey, cell site infrastructure development, system integration, Radio network optimization, network quality bench marking, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Survey  & Calculation  , Electromagnetic radiation Testing in different parts of India .

We (Energy Div.) offer efficient renewable energy solutions to meet day to day energy requirements by harnessing solar & wind energy potential available in clients’ premises   ranging from multiple of 10 watts to  Megawatt  & We also offers energy efficient solutions & Services to enhance the efficient use of energy 

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